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A1 Capital Lenders aim is to help people get mortgage loan approval, value our customer needs, and give complete professional support and advice.

Get Full Service And
Better Result With Lower Fees

Get Full Service and Better Results with Lower Fees

Home equity loan

Are you interested in a home loan? No worry! We are here to help you get an approved home loan using home equity loan services.

Purchases & Pre-Approvals

When you go to purchase a new home, you should get a pre-approved loan from a trusted and registered lender. Get help.

Mortgage Renewals & Refinancing

We can refinance your current mortgage to take out extra cash from the equity in your home. No need to worry. We are here and can help you.

Private Mortgage

A private mortgage is an excellent source of funding available from a private lender through A1 Capital Lenders.

Commercial Mortgage

A1 Capital Lenders mortgages make it easy for our customers to get approved loans for commercial purposes.

Bad Credit or Low Income

Your previous history is one of the crucial factors which help you get loans approved for your needs.

Get Full Service And Better Results With Lower Fees

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Frequently Asked Questions

A1 Capital Lenders Inc. is a financial company that specializes in finding funds for real estate backed projects, be they residential or commercial projects. We have more than 40 lenders that we can choose from depending on the project. The interest rates vary but are very low compared to our competition.

Very simple.  You contact us by phone or email.  We arrange to meet with you or sometimes we just ask you a few questions over the phone.  We tell you what documents we need.  You provide them.  We contact the lenders that we think will be interested in funding your project.  We get you a signed commitment stating the terms of the loan.  The lawyers handle it from there.

A1 Capital Lenders Inc. handles deals across Canada as well as certain areas in the U S A.

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